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About the Community Brain

The Museum of Today is a project created and curated by The Community Brain. The Community Brain works with communities to develop their sense of identity and cohesion through the arts, education and local history. Utilising people’s natural talents to create more inclusive, resilient communities that enjoy stronger social and creative networks. For over 10 years we’ve been devising and delivering bespoke projects that harness communities’ unique assets, celebrating their distinctiveness. Festivals, myth-making, and public art projects have encouraged people to engage with ‘place’ not ‘space’ and regenerated under-appreciated community assets.

The Covid 19 pandemic meant our community space in Surbiton, The Museum of Futures became an unusable asset, so we wanted to create a digital space that allowed the community to continue to share their stories, the heart of our work.  Working with a combination of curators, artists and designers we conceived the Museum of Today, a virtual exhibition space full of wonders, donated and narrated by the community.  We hope you enjoy exploring our cabinet of curiosities as it grows over the coming weeks.

The Museum of Today team are:

Aniela Zaba
Anna Tanczos
Charles-Jean Boucher
Charlotte Levy
David Jeevendrampillai
Helen Wickstead
Josephine Miller
Loz Archer
Lucie Arnoux
Riccardo Pezzuolo
Robin Hutchinson
Simon Tyrrell

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