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About the Museum

Now is a moment. Now is unusual. Now is important for different reasons. Now means different things to different people. So how will you remember now? What is important to you … now?

The Museum of Today aims to give people an opportunity to become part of a collective project at this time of extreme isolation when many of our physical gathering spaces are inaccessible. 

The Museum of Today invited individuals or households to select an object from their home that has a particular resonance for them, now, and to tell its story. 

After all the objects had been collected our ‘Curator of Now’ categorised and collated all the items and our team built the magnificent cabinet of wonders which houses all the items, stories and narratives submitted as part of the project.  We then commissioned five artists to respond to the submissions, each of whom created a unique creative response utilising the moments of Now which most resonated with them.

We hope you enjoy perusing our cabinet and our artists’ responses.  The Community Brain would like to thank everyone who submitted an object, our artists, the creative team who illustrated, designed, animated and brought together all the content and Arts Council England who made this project possible.

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